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Push bank transactions to Xero

Learn how to push your SMB users' bank transactions via our Xero Bank Feeds integration

When an SMB user has set up a bank feed connection, you can push bank transactions for source bank accounts to Xero. The source account must have connected status, where the SMB user has completed the step of mapping and connecting the account.

Auto-download not supported

Transactions are not automatically downloaded to Xero when the user successfully connects a bank account. They must be pushed as described later in this article.

This article explains how to:

  • View the details of source bank accounts, including their connection statuses.
  • Push bank transactions to a target bank account in Xero.


View bank account details

Call the GET connectionInfo/bankFeedAccounts endpoint to view details of the source bank accounts for a specified company and data connection.

List bank feed bank accounts
GET /companies/{connectionId}/connections/{connectionId}>/connectionInfo/bankFeedAccounts

The response lists all source bank accounts and their statuseseither pending, connected, or disconnected. The feedStartDate property is returned for connected bank accounts only.

Response example - List bank feed bank accounts (200)
"id": "acc-002", // the ID of the source bank account
"accountName": "account-081",
"accountType": "Credit",
"accountNumber": "1234",
"sortCode": "123456",
"currency": "GBP",
"balance": 99.99,
"modifiedDate": "2023-01-09T13:46:59.4019628Z",
"status": "pending" // bank account connection status
"id": "acc-003",
"accountName": "account-095",
"accountType": "Debit",
"accountNumber": "12345671",
"sortCode": "123456",
"currency": "GBP",
"balance": 100.09,
"modifiedDate": "2023-01-09T13:46:59.4019628Z",
"status": "connected",
"feedStartDate": "2023-01-09T14:56:43.773Z" // only for connected accounts

Requirements for pushing bank transactions to Xero

When pushing bank transactions to Xero:

  • You can only push bank transactions to one target account at a time.
  • Transactions must be pushed in chronological order.
  • Transactions can't be older than the most recent transaction available on the destination bank account.
  • Transactions must have a date set to the current day or earlier, but be aware of the limitation described in "Pushing historic transactions", below.
  • A maximum of 1000 transactions can be pushed at a time.
Pushing historic transactions

You can push bank transactions to Xero which are dated up to one year prior to the current date. Pushes containing bank transactions dated older than one year will fail.

The date of a historic transaction must be later than the feedStartDate on the source bank account, which is determined by the Feed start date selected by the SMB user in the account mapping UI.

Push bank transactions to Xero

To push bank transactions for a connected source bank account, make the following requests to the Codat API. All push requests are asynchronous. Bank feeds transactions are sent to Xero immediately, not on a schedule.

  1. Post the bank transactions using the POST /push/bankAccounts/{accountId}/bankTransactions endpoint:

    Create bank transactions

    For the accountId, supply the ID of a connected source bank account (returned from the GET /connectionInfo/BankFeedAccounts request).

    Example request body (all fields are required)
    "accountId": "482342-acc-001", // source bank account ID
    "transactions": [
    "id": "7832323211-GIF",
    "amount": -450,
    "balance": 2000,
    "date": "2022-08-30T17:05:12.191Z", // max. 1 year old
    "description": "events-hospitality",
    "transactionType": "Debit"
    "id": "7832323211-SDC",
    "amount": -730,
    "balance": 2730,
    "date": "2022-08-31T11:06:49.191Z",
    "description": "corporate-training",
    "transactionType": "Debit"

    The balance of the last bank transaction in the array is used to update the balance of the specified bank account.

    Positive and negative transactions

    Credit transactions are positive and debit transactions are negative, so it's important that the sign of the transaction amount is consistent with the transactionType. A warning is returned from Codat if, for example, a $100 transaction is sent to Xero as a Debit. Be aware that Xero does not reverse a credit card transaction that was sent as a negative amount, and vice versa for a debit card transaction.

  2. If the data is valid, the endpoint returns a push operation with a status of Pending (202). The status changes to Success if the push operation completes successfully.

    Pending status

    The push operation status might remain in Pending for some time while Xero processes the bank transactions.

  3. Repeat the POST /push/bankAccounts/{accountId}/bankTransactions request for the remainder of the user's source bank accounts.

In the SMB user's Xero package, new bank transactions for the target account will appear on the Incoming Bank Transactions UI.

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