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Managing suppliers

Create and update suppliers using Sync for Payables

In Sync for Payables, a supplier represents a business or sole trader that provides goods or services to a company.

Suppliers are relevant for the bill pay use case as each bill is associated with a supplier - suppliers also have important information such as addresses and contact details which could be used to notify a supplier once a payment is made.

Retrieve a list of suppliers

You can get a list of suppliers using Sync for Payables:

List suppliers
GET https://api.codat.io/companies/{companyId}/data/suppliers?page=1&pageSize=100

Query parameters can also be used to narrow the list of suppliers e.g.

  • status=Active returns only active suppliers
  • defaultCurrency=USD returns suppliers that provide goods or services in dollars
  • supplierName=Acme returns suppliers with a name that matches the query
Supplier balances

Currently, Sync for Payables does not expose supplier balances on the supplier endpoint, however, you can access these by

Creating a new supplier

In some cases, a company may do business with a new supplier for the first time, when this happens you should create the supplier first before creating a bill against the supplier.

Create supplier
POST https://api.codat.io/companies/{companyId}/connections/{connectionId}/push/suppliers

Updating an existing supplier

If a supplier changes address or business name, you may want to reflect this change in the company's accounting software by updating the supplier.

Update supplier
PUT https://api.codat.io/companies/{companyId}/connections/{connectionId}/push/suppliers/{supplierId}

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