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Company data: data types now viewed via dropdown

· One min read
Max Clayton Clowes

We have changed the way you view data types for our Accounting API, Banking API, and Commerce API data display.

Data types are now accessed via a dropdown menu on the Company data pages instead of a list.

Note that the Accounting API data types are organized into a nested dropdown list as follows:

  • Financial statements
    • Balance sheet
    • Operating cash flow
    • Profit & loss
  • Earning
    • Customers
    • Invoices
    • Payments
    • Credit notes
    • Aged debtors
    • Direct incomes
  • Spending
    • Suppliers
    • Purchase orders
    • Bills
    • Bill payments
    • Bill credit notes
    • Aged creditors
    • Direct costs
  • Accounting data
    • Accounts
    • Journal entries
    • Tax rates
    • Tracking categories
    • Account transactions
    • Transfers
  • Banking data
    • Bank accounts
    • Bank transactions
    • Reference data
    • Company
    • Items

Action required

Use the new data type dropdown menus to view company data for our Accounting API, Banking API, and Commerce API.