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2024-01-10: Changes to how deleted data in accounting platforms is handled

· 2 min read
David Coplowe

On January 10, 2024, we will change how we handle data deleted by users in accounting platforms.

When data is deleted by a user in the SMB's accounting platform between two successive data pulls, Codat sets the metaData.isDeleted property to true. This ensures there is consistency in records returned between successive data pulls and clearly identifies records deleted by a user.

Today, for some data types, Codat also updates the status property of the deleted record.

For example:

  • Codat retrieves a invoice from Xero with a status of Submitted.
  • The invoice is then manually deleted from within Xero.
  • Codat retrieves data from Xero a second time, and reconciles the fact that the invoice has been deleted by changing the status of the invoice within Codat to void.

New behavior

From January 10, 2024, we will no longer update the status property of deleted records and change it to void. Instead, we will preserve the last known status before the record was deleted by the user.

See Impacted data types for full details of relevant data types and associated statuses we will no longer update.

Action required

Ensure that any workflows handling deleted records use the metaData.isDeleted property instead of the status property.

Expected impact if no action is taken

Any workflows relying on the data type's status property to identify and handle deleted records will cease to work as expected.

Impacted data types

Data typeStatus (representing deleted records)
Bill credit notesVoid
Credit notesVoid
Purchase ordersVoid
Sales ordersVoid
Tax ratesArchived
Tracking categoriesArchived
Tracking category treesArchived