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Validation of new sign-in methods

ยท One min read
Max Clayton Clowes

We've rolled out a new security feature on sign-in to keep your account safer than ever.

Codat offers a number of ways of signing into your account - email & password, Google and Microsoft SSO, and SAML SSO (available as an add-on for full access customers).

When you use a method you've not previously accessed Codat with, you will now be asked to verify this sign-in method. For example, if you have always signed in with your email and password, but try and sign in with a Google account, we'll ask you to confirm that.

A page requesting the user to enter a verification code to continue sign in

Users will see this user interface, flagging that this is a new signin method and you'll need to confirm it. This verification code will be sent to the email address associated with that user's account.

An email from Codat containing a verification code

The email alerts the user that a new sign-in method is being used, and share the verification code needed to complete sign-in. This code expires after 10 minutes.

If you receive an alert you were not expecting, you can contact support.