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2024-07-10: Deprecation of RuleId in rules webhooks

· 2 min read
David Coplowe

On July 10, 2024, all clients will be migrated onto our new webhooks service. As part of this migration, the RuleId webhook property will be deprecated in all our existing webhook payloads.

The RuleId property will be deprecated in the following webhook rule schemas:

As part of the move to the new webhooks service, the RuleId is no longer relevant and should not be used.

Action required

Review and update your application logic to remove any dependencies on the RuleId. This will help prevent any disruptions to your integration with Codat.

You should use RuleType to identify what event a given webhook corresponds with.

Expected impact if no action is taken

If no action is taken, after July 10, 2024, your application will continue to receive events, but the RuleId will not be populated. Any application logic using the RuleId property will function following your unhappy path for RuleId logic. Depending on your implementation, this may impact your processing Codat's webhooks.