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Product update #3

· 2 min read
Max Clayton Clowes

See what's new in Codat this week

What's new

New docs

We've just released our new docs:

They are in beta, so you may find some snags in our content.

You can raise issues and contribute in GitHub.

These docs feature an improved organization of content and a more detailed, interactive API reference, driven by our improved OpenAPI Specification.

We'd love to hear your opinions, so please let us know how you're finding them in the discussion here!

Accounting API

  • New: We've added support for pushing Direct Incomes on FreeAgent


  • New: See how your auth flow is performing with our new auth monitor view
  • Updated: Companies chart on the dashboard now shows cumulative growth of your companies

In case you missed it...

Sync for Expenses

Launch new accounting integrations faster and save on ongoing maintenance by standardizing how you sync with bookkeeping software and ERPs.

Sync for Expenses is an API and a set of supporting tools. It has been built to enable corporate card and expense management platforms to provide high-quality integrations with multiple accounting platforms through a standardized API.

Read the docs...


Don't forget about our upcoming deprecations:

Stay on top of deprecations by checking out and subscribing to our deprecation calendar here:

These deprecations were previously scheduled for the 10th April, but have been pushed back a day as they fell on a UK bank holiday.