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Completed 2023-07-10: Deprecation of the Company metrics endpoint

· One min read
Polina Zaichkina

On July 10, 2023, Codat will deprecate the GET /metrics/companies endpoint previously used to display the status of companies on the Portal dashboard.

It provided the following status metrics:

  • Currently linked
  • No longer linked
  • Not yet linked
  • All time linked.

The internal logic of the dashboard has changed, and the endpoint is no longer in use. After the change is implemented, any requests made to GET /metrics/companies will return a 404 error.

Action required​

If you are using the current GET /metrics/companies endpoint to perform monitoring outside of the Portal dashboard, make sure to use alternative API calls instead. You can obtain data connection statuses from the GET /companies endpoint.

Expected impact if no action is taken​

After July 10, 2023, calls made to the GET /metrics/companies endpoint will return a 404 Endpoint deprecated error.

Get ahead

You can get ahead of this change by enabling it now in the Portal. Learn how to do that here, or read our change policy.