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Bill Pay overview

Make it easier for SMBs to manage and pay suppliers from a single interface.

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Bill pay integration make's it easier for SMBs to manage and pay their supplier invoices from a single interface with preferential payment methods and terms.

Many SMBs still rely on manual AP functions to run their business. One study shows that as many as 80% of all SMB invoices and 40% of all B2B payments are still settled via paper check. That’s led to a situation where a vast majority (80%) of finance leaders believe their company’s outdated AP process is holding them back and costing their business time and money


  • Standardised API

    Faster, simpler and less expensive than building integrations in house.

  • Saves time

    Provides a core need for your small business customers, ultimately saving them time and effort when reconciling their accounts payable data with their accounting platform.

  • Increase Retention

    Attract and retain customers by providing them with the type of digital experience and connectivity they have come to expect as consumers


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Connect to your SMB's accounting platform

Codat handles authorization and linking to your SMB's accounting platform and takes into account intricate details such as rate limits.

Retrieve accounts payable invoices

A list of unpaid bills (accounts payable invoices) can be retrieved from the accounting platform, in the Accounting API a bill is an itemised record of goods purchased from or services provided by a supplier. Alternatively, Bills can also be created within your application and then synchronised to the accounting platform.

Payment account mapping

Once Authorised, you can use the bank accounts endpoint to retrieve a list of accounts which can be mapped enabling the user to dictate which account their payments should be reconciled to.

Payment reconciliation

Once the transaction is completed, a bill payment can then be pushed to the customers accounting platform and reconciled against the bill marking it as paid.

Compatible integrations

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