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Sage Business Cloud Accounting integration reference

Things to know when synchronizing data with Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Note the following information when building your application using Codat's Sage Business Cloud Accounting integration.


Transfers are mapped from Bank Transfers and Bank Deposits in Sage BC.

When pushing Transfers to Sage BC, the type of business object created depends on the bank accounts that are specified in the Transfer.

  • If the FROM account in Sage BC is a Cash account and the TO account is either a Current account or Savings account, then a Bank Deposit object is created.
  • In all other scenarios a Bank Transfer object is created.

When pushing Transfers to Sage BC, the following fields are not populated in Bank Transfer objects:

  • Method
  • Description

The following types of Bank Transfer objects can be pulled from Sage BC, but not pushed:

  • Bank Transfers between a base currency account and a foreign currency account.
  • Bank Transfers where both accounts have the same foreign currency.

The following types of Transfer are not supported within Sage BC (and therefore can't be pulled or pushed):

  • Transfers between two accounts of different foreign currencies.
  • Transfers between a bank account and a nominal account.

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