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Product update #2

· One min read
Max Clayton Clowes

A new product for easy syncing with bookkeeping software and ERPs, and other qualithy of life improvements.

What's new

Sync for Expenses

Launch new accounting integrations faster and save on ongoing maintenance by standardizing how you sync with bookkeeping software and ERPs.

Sync for Expenses is an API and a set of supporting tools. It has been built to enable corporate card and expense management platforms to provide high-quality integrations with multiple accounting platforms through a standardized API.

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Accounting API

  • New: Support for pushing Direct Costs to FreeAgent
  • New: Push payment/billPayment on Xero with a line link type paymentOnAccount
  • New: Migrate FreeAgent tokens via PUT /companies/{companyId}/connections/{connectionId}/authorization


  • New: Companies chart on the dashboard


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