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Restart the Sage 50 connector

How to enable and use the restart button on a Sage 50 connector.

In some circumstances, your users might want to restart their Sage 50 connector. For example, they might have syncs in progress that were interrupted by a technical issue.

The Restart connector link in the connector UI is disabled by default. Codat Support can enable the link to allow your users to restart the connector, if needed.

If restarted, the connector automatically:

  • Cancels data syncs in progress for all the companies managed using the connector.
  • Shuts down the connector.
  • Restarts the connector.

Codat's Support team needs to enable the Restart connector link for your user. To do so, they'll need the ID of the user's connector.

To obtain the connector ID from your user, please ask them to:

  1. Open their Sage 50 connector.
  2. Select the About link at the bottom of the connector window.
Sage 50 connector window showing the About link highlighted.
  1. Select the Copy icon next to the Connector Id.
Copy icon highlighted next to the user's connector ID.
  1. Paste their connector ID into a document or email and send it to you.

You can then send the connector ID to the Codat Support team by raising a ticket through the support request form. They will confirm when the Restart connector link has been enabled.

Instructions for customers to find and use the Restart connector link.

  1. Open the Sage 50 connector.
  2. Select About.
  3. Select Restart connector.
Restart connector link highlighted in the Sage 50 connector window.
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