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Advanced sync settings

Review additional settings available to configure the sync of various data types

For most of our data types, we retrieve all available history. For financial statement data types (balanceSheet, profitAndLoss, cashFlowStatement), we retrieve 24 months of history. You can apply additional sync settings to change these defaults. This helps you limit the amount of data synchronized from the source platform.

These settings only work for data sources that allow delta syncs and are applied to all companies.

Sync settings

You can configure the following advanced settings:

Sync settingPropertyDescriptionData types
Months to syncmonthsToSyncDetermines how many months to fetch data history for. Set to 24 months by default.balanceSheet, profitAndLoss, cashFlowStatement
Sync from windowsyncFromWindowSets a number of months to fetch data history for, where only data with a modified date in that timeframe will be synced.All except for balanceSheet, profitAndLoss, cashFlowStatement
Sync from UTCsyncFromUtcSets a UTC value as a start date for data syncing, where only data with a modified date in that timeframe will be synced. Records with a modified date before syncFromUtc will not be returned.All except for balanceSheet, profitAndLoss, cashFlowStatement


Use our Update all sync settings endpoint to configure advanced sync settings. These settings are configured per data type and apply to all companies. The endpoint does not provide any error messages if the settings are not supported.

For example, to configure advanced settings for our invoices data type, send the following request to the endpoint:

"clientId": "367f7975-267b-439b-90c6-a6040ee680f3",
"settings": [
"dataType": "invoices",
"fetchOnFirstLink": true,
"syncSchedule": 24,
"syncOrder": 0,
"syncFromUtc": "2020-01-01T12:00:00.000Z",
"syncFromWindow": 24,
"monthsToSync": 0,
"isLocked": true
"overridesDefaults": true

💡 Tips and traps

  • When using advanced sync settings, settle on a uniform approach across your data types, as we cannot guarantee consistency if different approaches are applied.

  • Advanced sync settings can be applied to all data types, but we advise you do not set them for reference data, such as customers, suppliers, chart of accounts, tax rates, tracking categories, and items.

  • Both syncFromWindow and syncFromUtc use sourceModifiedDate to select records for syncing. You can read more about modified dates.

  • When a sync setting is introduced after a successful data sync, the records fetched prior to the new sync setting will be either deleted or updated with a Void or Archived status.

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