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Enable products

Enable the products you need for your usecase

Enabling products

When signing up for a Codat account, you'll have to select and enable a product you're interested in using (you can always enable other products later).

Enabling a product will configure the portal and your new client for use of this product, including the default data type settings.

You can manage your enabled products in the portal (users with Administrator roles only). Currently, you cannot disable products - please contact support if you need help with this.

Our products

  • Bank Feeds API

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    Push bank transaction data into your customers' accounting platforms with an automated feed.
  • Get insight into financial health for smarter, more efficient lending.
  • Supplier Enablement

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    Manage comprehensive vendor and spend data to grow commercial card volume.
  • Sync for Commerce

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    Sync your merchants' data between commerce and accounting systems to automate bookkeeping.
  • Sync for Expenses

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    Embedded accounting integrations for corporate card providers. Standardize how you sync with bookkeeping software and ERPs.
  • Sync for Payables

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    Embedded accounting integrations for accounts payable automation.
  • Sync for Payroll

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    Manage payroll reconciliation with your customers' accounting platform.
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