We've reorganized our products to make building with Codat easier than ever
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Paid plans

Upgrade to a payment plan that suits your needs

When you're ready to move to a paid plan, you can contact our sales team to discuss pricing options.

If you're an Admin, you can view the plan you're currently on in the Codat Portal.

FeatureFree trialFull access
Product accessStandardized APIs, AssessAll products
Usage50 companies
5 connections/source
Hourly syncs
On-premise connectors☑️ Add-on
ERP integrations☑️ Add-on
SupportPremium technical support
Implementation guidance
SAML SSO☑️ Add-on
Mutual TLS☑️ Add-on
Rate limits500 req/day1000 req/day

Full access


Everything from Free plus:

  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited seats
  • Volume-based pricing
  • Implementation support
  • Hourly syncing


Contact our sales team to discuss enterprise pricing options.

Other options

Start-up plan

You can get started with Codat with usage-based billing at £25/$30 per month per Active Connected Company (active = data pushed or pulled in a given billing period).


  • Access our standardized APIs and Assess
  • No monthly commitment
  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited seats


When using our start-up plan, you do not pay any monthly commitment fees. Instead, you will be charged for each active company.

Active companies

Active companies represent your customer connections where you have successfully pulled or pushed data within your billing period. The first time you pull or push data for a company with and active connection in a given billing period, it will count as an active company.

This excludes Codat Sandbox and QuickBooks Online Sandbox.

You can use our Billing dashboard to track your usage and stay in control of your bills.

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