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Plans and features

Discover Codat with our free trial and upgrade to our paid plan to grow your solution

Codat offers a free experience that lets you explore and test our products and standardized integrations, and a robust, bespoke Full access plan with many additional features and support.

Here is how they compare to each other:

FeatureFree trialFull access
Product accessAll productsAll products
Usage50 companies
5 connections/source
Hourly syncs
On-premise connectors☑️ Add-on
ERP integrations☑️ Add-on
SupportPremium technical support
Implementation guidance
SAML SSO☑️ Add-on
Mutual TLS☑️ Add-on
Rate limits500 req/day1000 req/day

If you're an Admin, you can view the plan you're currently on in the Codat Portal.

Free trial

Sign up to start building your solution and test Codat's product offering for free. When you're ready to move to our paid plan, contact our sales team to discuss pricing options.

Free trial limitations

You can use Codat for free for 30 days.


Once signed up, you can:

  • Experience most of Codat's products and integrations.
  • Create up to 50 companies to test live integrations.
  • Create unlimited connections to our realistic Sandbox data.
  • Create up to five connections at a time to each of our accounting, commerce, and banking integrations.
  • Schedule data syncs to refresh data daily, weekly, or monthly (but not hourly).


While you can enable all our products on the free trial, our Bank Feeds API requires some setup on our end - talk to us first if you're looking to try out this product.

Full access

Enjoy the benefits of individual solutions tailored to your needs, volume-based pricing, and dedicated support with our Full access plan.


  • Access to all of Codat's products
  • Unlimited company and seat creation
  • Enhanced usage options with hourly syncs and superior rate limits
  • Implementation assistance and premium technical support
  • Access to paid add-ons, including desktop and ERP integrations, security features, and more


Contact our sales team to discuss Full access pricing options.

If you are an existing client using our Start Up plan, use our Billing dashboard to track your usage and stay in control of your bills.

Use the dashboard on the Portal's home page for a real-time, high-level view of the following details:

  • Overall number of created companies
  • Number of companies that have been active in the current billing period
  • A quantitative breakdown of the companies' connection statuses

  • Learn more about test client creation, possible testing approaches and our recommendations.

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