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Integrating commerce data with Codat

An overview of the commerce data integration use case supported by Codat

Use Codat to integrate high-volume sales and payment data from PoS, eCommerce, and payments platforms into your SMBs' accounting platforms automatically, saving them time and effort.

How Codat can help

We can support PoS system companies, eCommerce platforms, and vertical SaaS companies in their activity by leveraging our Sync for Commerce and Commerce API products. This helps your SMB customers avoid costly mistakes by automating sales data updates.

For example, Sync for Commerce can be used to save your customers time and effort by pushing high-volume data from their PoS (corresponding to sales their SMB has generated) into their SMBs' accounting platform automatically.

Relevant products

Sync for Commerce

Sync for Commerce is a white-label application for point-of-sale and eCommerce providers that automates merchant bookkeeping to Codat’s suite of accounting platforms. We map your customers' data according to accounting best practices and features available within each platform. This lets your customer seamlessly reconcile their ecommerce and accounting data, allowing them to spend more time on growing their business.

They can also understand their cash flow better thanks to the daily import of sales, and automatically reconcile payments, invoices, fees, and payouts on a daily basis to their chart of accounts - as an aggregate invoice or a journal entry.

Commerce API

For a more bespoke approach, use our Commerce API, where we have done the heavy lifting for you by building integrations with a standardized data model to the commerce platforms your customers already use. This gives you access to real-time data that you can pull, create, or update to support your use case.

You can connect to your SMB customers' PoS, eCommerce and Subscription platforms, view, create, and reconcile their products, orders, payments, payouts, disputes, and more.

Use case demos

Codat provides you with demo guides, where you can see our products in action. Check back soon to view our demo built specifically for the commerce data integration use case.

Review the full range of use cases Codat can support you with and find one that suits you best.

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