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Automating payables with Codat

Streamline your customers' accounts payable workflow

By integrating your customers' accounting software, their supplier information, invoices, and payments can be easily kept in sync.

This automation replaces manual tasks and eliminates duplication of effort, freeing up your customers' time so they can concentrate on running their business.

How Codat can help

Codat supports B2B payment and invoicing companies, payment providers, and vertical SaaS businesses with their integration requirements by leveraging the Sync for Payables product.

It enables small and medium-sized businesses to track and manage their spending with their chosen application and ensure that their financial reports are kept up to date.

Supported features

  • Access to payables

    Pull unpaid bills from your customers’ accounting platform, then itemize the record of goods purchased from or services provided by a supplier.

  • Create bills

    Enable your customers to create a vendor bill within their application, and synchronize it to their accounting platform.

  • Removing repetition

    Reconcile payments against supplier invoices in your customers' accounting software, reducing the chance of duplication.

Relevant products

Codat has done the heavy lifting for you by building integrations with a standardized data model to the accounting platforms your customers already use. This gives you access to real-time data that you can pull, create, or update to support your use case.

Start building

Codat provides you with demo guides, where you can see our products in action. View our demo built specifically for the bill payments use case:

  • Demo app guide

    Follow the demo guide to see how to implement your own bill payment solution using Codat's API, from connecting to your customer's accounting platform to paying and reconciling bills.

    Read more →

  • Implementation guide

    Follow our detailed implementation guide to see how to implement a full bill payment solution using Codat's API.

    Read more →

Review the full range of use cases Codat can support you with and find one that suits you best.

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