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Reconciling bank transactions with Codat

An overview of the bank transactions reconciliation use case supported by Codat

Support your customers by pushing their bank transaction data into their accounting platforms' bank transaction ledgers to ensure these records match each other.

How Codat can help

We can support traditional banks and neobanks in their activity by leveraging our Accounting API product. We have done the heavy lifting for you by building integrations with a standardized data model to the accounting platforms your customers already use. This gives you access to real-time data that you can pull, create, or update to support your use case.

Bank reconciliation is the process of ensuring that the information in a business’s accounting records matches the information in their bank account. Traditionally, this would be done by comparing a bank statement to the ledger entries, but our Accounting API makes it possible to upload bank transactions to the accounting platform.

This saves your customers time by removing manual entry and importing bank transactions, removes the potential for errors, and facilitates matching by providing additional details, like a merchant's name.

Relevant products

Use case demos

Codat provides you with demo guides, where you can see our products in action. Check back soon to view our demo built specifically for the bank transactions reconciliation use case.

Review the full range of use cases Codat can support you with and find one that suits you best.

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