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Your customer within Codat

In Codat, a company represents a business sharing access to their data. Each company can have multiple data connections to different data sources such as one connection to Xero for accounting data, two connections to Plaid for two bank accounts and a connection to Zettle for POS data.

Typically each company is one of your customers.

When you create a company, you can specify a name and we will automatically generate a unique id for the company. You can also add a description to store any additional information about the company.

If you're just getting started...

You can use the Codat portal to create and manage companies,

If you're scaling...

You probably want to use our API. Each of our API references (and associated SDKs) includes the necessary endpoints for creating and updating companies.

If you're just looking to leverage our company management functionality, you can also use our Platform API.

Forbidden characters in company names

Company names may only contain letters, numbers, spaces, and the following symbols: -, ', &, @, ., ,, ?, !.

Any forbidden characters will be removed from your company name. For example: Example Company (Codat[1]) will be created as Example Company Codat1.

If you're supporting different types of customers...

You can use our groups feature and assign a company to one or more groups. You might choose to group companies based on the different products and services you provide, your internal team structures, different geographies, and more.

A group can be used to manage who can access data from that group's set of companies and identify the use case or product a company is using. Learn how to do that here.

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